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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Banking System Using C/C++

This is a Banking system developed using C/C++. It is done by me including four three members as Thapathali Campus III/I part project.
You can try the Banking System v 1.0 by clicking the link below and feel free to comment. We can help you if you want regarding the code...

Banking System v1.0 Download

Banking System Report(pdf)
Source Code
Powerpoint file

Coding Part:-
   The program was written in Turbo C++.  It is done using the C as well as C++ language. The code may be too long but its easy to understand.

Some of screenshots of the program interfaces ( These may look nasty as printScreen don't wrok with the software) :-
This is the program start screenshot.

Ashok Basnet (062-DCT-407)
Ishwor Prasad Rijal (062-DCT-416)
Kabindra Kaji Bajracharya (062-DCT-419)
Kiran Karki (062-DCT-420)


  1. hello,nice to meet you.May i have full coding of this project..please email at

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks for interest in project. I have added the source code link in blog... if any problem in code, feel free to contact me.

  3. hello sir can u pls give me ur contact.. i need ur research paper for ANPR